First, address the Cause: The Essence of Successful Recovery

FootMedic Kits are all the vital essentials: What causes plantar fascia or bursa issues - and how - while providing all the tools needed for full, long-term injury protection and recovery support.

Brand Counts: FootMedic materials, designs and application procedure are exacting and cannot be "improved", substituted, altered or quality-compromised. ANY copy or imitation will fail in use. Visit FootMedic Store >

Tech Tip #1: Plantar Fasciitis Arch supports, inserts/insoles and orthotics are ineffective against plantar fascia injury

Tech Tip #2: never ice heel pain or fasciitis

Always keep the foot very warm and the specific site of injury even warmer. This helps delivery of vital nutrients, flushes toxins, and actually alleviates inflammation and therefore pain.

> Heat is the correct way to pain relief and injury recovery.

> For plantar fascia issues, heat really hastens the healing process.

> Added benefit of heat: Tissues don't stiffen during sleep or long-sitting.

> Heat won't suppress the immune system or inhibit healing, as does cortisone or ice.

Tech Tip #3: Don't apply Ice to Plantar Bursitis

Due to proximity of the fascia insertion, plantar bursitis feels virtually identical to fasciitis (if in the heel) - only difference is bursitis pain also features a mild burning sensation.

The worst approach for plantar bursitis: Cortisone injection - usually after the condition has been around a long time because the causes were never addressed.  Visit FootMedic Store >

In simple tutorial (print and video in the FootMedic Kit) you're shown how to implement the Exclusive FootMedic BursitisRelief and massage tech, including:

1) How to locate your plantar bursa and determine if it's inflamed.*

2) How to address the causes.*

*FootMedic is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

NOTICE: "Definitive Recovery" assumes plantar fasciitis and/or bursitis is actually present prior to use of FootMedic; that nothing pathological is involved; that the user applies FootMedic according to full directions and uses only as intended.

Stats from American Podiatric Medical Association.

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