Plantar fasciitis heel paiN Often indicates ligament injury

Why is Injury Support Vital?

To heal. Without it you won't recover. Why? The plantar ligament supports our body weight and can't "rest" to heal...

What Injury Support Does...

Helps relieve load and stress from the ligament till healing completes. Also naturally helps alleviate pain over the duration...

...You remain active and your foot is fully mobile.


The plantar fascia ligament supports your foot's arch. Overloading causes micro-fracturing, then heel pain.

How to check for fasciitis >>

Plantar (heel) bursitis often occurs with plantar fasciitis, causing even more pain.


Pain-focused treatment isn't beneficial and more breakdown may also result.


Injury support is imperative and affects plantar bursitis. Pain relief is a side benefit.

Tip: Do not ice plantar fasciitis, bursitis, or heel pain. Learn More >>

Tip: Do not stretch a foot with an injured plantar ligament. Learn More >>

injury support is the foundation of plantar fasciitis relief and recovery.

Products or treatments claiming to quickly "cure" heel pain are gimmicks or misguided. Heel pain is only truly resolved by healing. The process takes months and full-range injury support technology is required. Secret tips or glowing testimonials can't trump tissue pathology. Don't be fooled.

It's highly recommended that you also review all treat-the-symptom approaches listed below... Analysis and Comparison for each is here >>

All common or traditional Pain Management Methods for Plantar Fasciitis heel pain

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Stats from American Podiatric Medical Association.

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