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FootMedic Kits contain original, educational and instructional content about plantar fasciitis and how to resolve it

exclusive Therapeutic Education... in every FootMedic kit

Did You Know...

Bursitis heel pain is often misdiagnosed as fasciitis - or occurs together. Plantar bursitis is actually simple to resolve.

FootMedic Massage Therapy Tech is very helpful for Plantar Fascia Injury.

  • Exclusive Know-how
  • Easy to Learn

FootMedic teaches proper safe technique, indispensable for relief and improved healing.

Print and Video Tutorials also teach exclusive FootMedic BursitisRelief, plus:

  • How to locate your plantar bursa and determine if it's inflamed.*
  • How to address causes of plantar bursitis.*

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All FootMedic Kits $49.99. Includes All Therapy Tech Presented On This Page and FootMedic product technologies.

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Exclusive education helps Plantar Fasciitis or Bursitis...

Did You Know...

A very common cause of plantar fasciitis is overpronation: improper foot and ankle posture. FootMedic teaches you how to fix it; orthotic shoes and insoles are only a band-aid.

FootMedic FasciaBand Technology also helps produce neutral gait: this gives awareness of overpronation...

Awareness of overpronation and corrective support helps you prevent recurring plantar fasciitis or bursitis.

*FootMedic is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

NOTICE: "Definitive Recovery" assumes plantar fasciitis and/or bursitis is actually present prior to use of FootMedic; that nothing pathological is involved; that the user applies FootMedic according to full directions and uses only as intended.

Stats from American Podiatric Medical Association.

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