A Common cause of plantar fasciitis: Overpronation

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Over-pronation is a very common cause of plantar fasciitis. It's simply faulty foot and ankle posture - a gait issue. Over-pronators are usually unaware of it, yet awareness is needed before correction can begin...

A side benefit of a FootMedic FasciaBand is neutral gait: it pulls the first and second metatarsals slightly downward, lending sensation - and awareness - of neutral gait during the first application...

Over-pronation is not actually corrected with shoes, insoles or orthotic inserts. No matter what, it's a crutch at best and not a solution. A FootMedic Kit Tutorial shows how to truly fix the problem; it's simple to do.

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NOTICE: "Definitive Recovery" assumes plantar fasciitis and/or bursitis is actually present prior to use of FootMedic; that nothing pathological is involved; that the user applies FootMedic according to full directions and uses only as intended.

Stats from American Podiatric Medical Association.

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