FootMedic is the First Recovery Support Technology for Plantar Fascia Injury and its Symptoms, Fasciitis and Heel Pain. The plantar ligament connects the metatarsals to the heel, supporting our foot's bony-arch structure and carrying our bodyweight: it cannot rest for injury recovery. For the afflicted, availability of FootMedic negates all the recovery barriers.

FootMedic technology has no direct competition. There's no prior art. Injury support for the plantar fascia ligament is currently not available - anywhere - not through OTC or healthcare. Indirectly, the competition is inefficacious treat-the-symptom approaches or products. FootMedic can't be improved or obsolete; it's a timeless, staple application.

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What's the Need for this Technology and Why Hasn't it Already Been Available?

There is great need. Annually in the U.S. 10 million people incur plantar fascia injury and fasciitis, and only 15% realize recovery - the rest are chronic. For those afflicted, it becomes a nightmare.

Despite inefficacy, treating the symptom with "quick heel pain relief" has been so profitable and easily sold that technology for injury support wasn't developed. The FTC shut down most of these industries in the 1940s but returned in more sophisticated guises. Historically, no methodology has provided requisite injury support, and incredibly, the situation has sustained for over a century.

People Need What Works - Our Mission

The FootMedic mission is to simply deliver requisite injury support technology and education to those in need of it - to clarify the issue - and help those afflicted gain simple access to recovery. FAQs >

A FootMedic FasciaBand is medical-grade yet designed so anyone can safely apply and use it. Consumers get direct access.

FootMedic is also exclusive, secondary support technology, techniques and extensive educational content - for professionals or every-day people.

This advancement finally gives the afflicted economical, convenient access to definitive injury support while avoiding all the recovery barriers.

FootMedic Technology is kit-packaged

for just $49.99. No insurance needed.

A FasciaBand is a thin, pliable casting that super-bonds with the foot. Once bonded, it's a virtual external plantar fascia and helps fully perform its function. It does not stretch and conforms like a second skin.

Wears in water and up to 7 days, each application, until full recovery. Latex-free.


FootMedic is privately held, fully developed, proprietary and trade-secret technology owned free-and-clear by the Developer. The Developer has 30 years of experience necessary to run the business. The technology and business model reflect his no-nonsense, straightforward style. Based in Los Angeles, California.

Business Model

Operate Lean - incur only necessary costs for production and marketing. Outside firms are contracted and employed to handle essential processes. The infrastructure for this model is in place.

Management: All necessary manufacture, fulfillment and marketing is contracted to respective firms and managed by the Developer, hands-on. Inventory and processing of customer purchases is handled by fulfillment firms. Customer service questions will be handled by Shopify and the Developer.

Marketing: The injured first internet-search their symptoms, trying to learn about it and find a resolution - the first year of business, this is how FootMedic is primarily discovered. This must be supported with steady campaigns to create brand awareness and grow the business, through YouTube, TV, radio and PR. Adwords and Facebook ads are incorporated with search engines. Those afflicted buy at the onset of their condition or later, after pain relief methods have failed.

Distribution - Purchasing FootMedic Kits: Direct-to-user; customer's orders are placed through the exclusive FootMedic, online store.

Merchandising: Professional-grade rehab technology economically priced so everyone can access it. Special, product-sizing confirmation lends buyer confidence, guaranteed correct - no returns over wrong size. Purchases are streamlined with one-button, click-and-buy - as easily and efficiently as through Amazon. Free, 1-3 day priority shipping and customer service is included; cart and payment process powered by Shopify.

primary Numbers and projections

Note About Startup: See Graph, below. Lean start of 250k is minimum and will require credit, or additional capital raise, to finance a second round of production to scale up.

A raise of 500k will supply reserve for 2nd year round of projected production.

  • For injury rehab, most customers need three kits, purchased over a three-month span.
  • Initial gross profit margin of 32% is divided 50% for cash flow (for reserve) 50% for Owner salary (and financial partner, if present).

Startup - 1st Year.......10k units

Retail Value.................$50/unit




Other Costs...................$8/unit

Gross Profit..................$16/unit

Gross Sales $500,000

Gross Profit $160,000

Gross Return $80,000

Gross Reserve $80,000

  • As unit volume increases, unit and marketing costs decrease - profit/reserve increase
  • To scale up, 2nd-year marketing budget increases to $200k, from $50k first year
  • Rise in volume is financed by reserve and/or credit

Year 2...50k units





Other Costs...$6.50/unit

Gross Profit......$20/unit

Gross Sales $2,500,000

Gross Profit     $1,000,000

Gross Return $500,000

Gross Reserve $500,000

Year 3...200k units





Other Costs.....$6.50/unit

Gross Profit........$23/unit

Gross Sales $10,000,000

Gross Profit $4,600,000

Gross Return $2,300,000

Gross Reserve $2,300,000

Year 4...800k units





Other Costs......$6.50/unit

Gross Profit........$23/unit

Gross Sales $40,000,000

Gross Profit $18,400,000

Gross Return $9,200,000

Gross Reserve $9,200,000

Year 5.....2m units





Other Costs......$6.50/unit

Gross Profit........$24/unit

Gross Sales $100,000,000

Gross Profit $48,000,000

Gross Return $24,000,000

Gross Reserve $24,000,000

About Exit Strategy

If an equity stake is granted in exchange for funding, Investor or Partner will be bought out by Developer at the agreed upon date of exit - the initial principal plus percentage of value will be paid. The business will not be sold, nor will an IPO or another round of investment occur.

Start of Business

Funding and Launch: With a small budget, 10 thousand units of inventory will be produced and the marketing campaign begun. First years' objective is to build market reach with a regional-to-national campaign; primarily leveraging internet-search and remarketing.

Production: To protect property rights and control quality, the material composite supplier is based in the U.S. - which will make and supply the production material. This material is sent to Asia, where it's print and cut, and custom spec-ed FootMedic WarmingPads are produced, as well as all retail boxes and Product Literature, then packaged. Product is then sent to a U.S. fulfillment center.

Distribution: Access to FootMedic will be Direct-to-Purchasers, via online store. No distributors, wholesalers, retailers or other middlemen will be involved. Upon extensive study and investigation, it was determined that all established retail channels are simply inappropriate for a product of this nature and not equipped to handle sales properly...

Sales Support: Promotion is contracted with a marketing firm; however, FootMedic's owner is in full charge of creating and directing content and tone.

intellectual and protections

Retail Pricing: Kept to the very minimum to undercut any profit potential or motive for would-be copier's or theft. It's crucial to prevent imitations or copies because poor performance or failure would ruin the credibility of the science and FootMedic's market. A side benefit of low retail pricing is all people get access, while higher volume and lower unit cost mean better profit and faster scaling.

Property and Market Protections: As indicated in Retail Pricing, protection from copy and theft results primarily from very low price point - but also the highest-grade, best-designed product and material with no improvement or derivations possible. Patents are a formality: Received, but won't actually protect FootMedic nor avoid costly lawsuits trying to ward off thieves; while formula, manufacturing process and purpose of design aspects should NOT be divulged to public domain.

The Challenge for Plantar Fascia Rehab Technology

The core hurdle is plantar fascia injury treatment is saturated with specious products and services, compounded and perpetuated by wide-spread fallacy or misinformation. This situation exists because those afflicted do not understand the problem and therefore do not ask the right questions concerning their problem - and those industries exploit it.

DENIAL: Those afflicted want to believe quick heel pain relief is all they need - and that's how they get taken in by those saying they provide it. Informing the afflicted that they have an injury in need of specialized recovery support is not enough - they may ignore it (denial). So for them, it will take time to learn and eventually come to FootMedic for their needs. That's why persistent marketing of brand awareness is vital - keep it in mind and eventually they will act. Those that research and take heed at the onset, the information FootMedic makes available, buy what's needed in the beginning.

In sum, the mystique and misunderstanding that's built around this injury must be lifted, and those afflicted shown and guided as to how to properly address plantar fascia injury and fasciitis.

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*FootMedic is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

NOTICE: "Definitive Recovery" assumes plantar fasciitis and/or bursitis is actually present prior to use of FootMedic; that nothing pathological is involved; that the user applies FootMedic according to full directions and uses only as intended.

Stats from American Podiatric Medical Association.

OWNERSHIP/RIGHTS: No person or entity is licensed or authorized to make or reproduce, distribute or sell FootMedic under any label, private or otherwise.

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