does it help plantar fasciitis: Arch Supports, inserts, bracing, Orthotics, Strapping, Kinesio Tape?

For plantar fasciitis recovery it's crucial to minimize working tension on the plantar fascia ligament...So the real test is: Does the plantar fasciitis treatment method replicate plantar fascia function; is it supporting and backing-up the fascia?

The plantar fascia works by tying together the bony arch structure; to endure tension under load the ligament is super tough and does NOT stretch. This must be replicated throughout the total gait cycle for support to be rendered. I Want A FootMedic Kit >

Using Arch Supports, Inserts or Orthotics, loss of foot arch and plantar fascia support during the highest-stress stage of the gait cycle can be conclusively demonstrated...

The plantar fascia ligament is super tough and doesn't stretch. If stretched, the extent of injury depends upon degree it was stretched; full rupture, like the tape above, can result. Usually, plantar fascia injury is NOT felt when it occurs. Later, once inflammation is present, pain is felt.

(9 sec) Where and how Plantar Fascia Stress Testing occurred, in six passes. In addition to downhill sprinting, over development this was used to test FasciaBand composite material.

Regarding Kinesio Taping, Bracing and Strapping for Plantar Fasciitis...

Athletic Tape for Plantar Fascia Issues

> Adhesive systems on athletic tapes won't secure and fail upon standing or within minutes; it's not intended for the extreme shear loading of this particular application.

> Applying a strip of tape along the sole lengthwise, forefoot to heel, doesn't make effective support for the fascia.

> Duct tape is toxic for long-term use.

The correct taping procedure cannot be found, even on the internet. Examples are incorrect and don't help plantar fascia issues. Correct taping can also aggravate bunion(s).

To Tape Correctly is...

> Very technical, laborious, time consuming (about 10 minutes per foot)...

> Expensive for rehab (a roll per day, times 30 days, times number of months till recovery).

Arch Braces and Plantar Fasciitis

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Stats from American Podiatric Medical Association.

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